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Menu in English

Menu Bourgogne at 28,50 €

Cheese supplement 3,50 €


Softened of butternut in the crumble of sweet chestnuts and shavings of foie gras (velouté)

 Real sausage Lyonnais in the pistachio nut wipes ruby, tepid apples (saucisson)

Frayed of ray wings clarified in the green coat of member of the Academie francaise (raie)

Crown with cakes, cream of parsnip ( couronne de tourteaux)

Tartar of gilthead sea bream and anchovy ( tartare )

Main course

Tournedos « way Rossini », wipes périgourdine, mille-feuilles of potatoes, endive braised in the crystallized lemon (stupp. 3 €) (tournedos)

 Veal back steak wipes in the shallot, fettuccini (onglet)

 Noisette of lamb, purée of sweet potatoes are mixed fried vegetables of season (stupp 2,50 €) ( agneau )

 Calf’s liver, gastric of tomatoes, Crushed apples (foie)

Dorade, fried artichoke, wipes in red peppers (daurade)


Cheese, mesclun salad with hazelnut vinaigrette

Cottage cheese to your liking ( red fruit, honey, natural, herbs )


Puck cremates lemon, raspberry, coulis passion, raspberry ice cream (palet)

Tiramisu in chestnuts

Nougat carousel (nougat) 

Chocolate charlotte custard (marquise)

Crème brûlée in the blackcurrant